Favorite Video Games of All Time: Catherine

Why: The intital thing that drew me to this game was the horror aspect of it. When I saw the trailer all the weird dream monsters really caught my interest. Then I actually played it and liked it because of the story, the characters, and the actual game play.

The story seems really simple and at first unoriginal, but in all honesty it isn’t. Ok, it’s about couples and relationships and delves into the trials and tribulations people face when in long term relationships. Yes, it also involves one of the people in the relationship cheating and therefore involves moral decisions. Yeah, it sounds old and perhaps cliche, but it’s the way they go about telling that story and what elements they bring into the story that are new and different that makes it interesting. All the relationship and moral stuff may be the backbone, or the plot, but it’s all of the other things, the perhaps “lesser details” that make the game so interesting to me. 

Like the underlying meanings to certain things in the game or what certain characters are supposed to represent. Also, it could’ve been really easy to pick one gender to be the morally “right” one, but this game doesn’t do that. Yes, Vincent cheats on Katherine with Catherine, and yeah it’s wrong. However, the game doesn’t make Katherine out to be the victim necissarily. She also does thing that are (at least to me) wrong. So really no gender is particularly “better” or more “right”. Not a single character is entirely good (except maybe Tobi).

 And yes, puzzle games aren’t everyone’s forte, but I like them.

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Zombie Hunter by Motoko-sama

Zombie Hunter by Motoko-sama

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Hey… How many years have we been together…? It’s just that… my mother’s been calling me up and asking how we’re doing…

She’s worried about me. She knows I’ve got a career that keeps me busy, but… I mean… It’s easy to keep things the way they are now, but…This month, I’m running really…

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If only?


If only?

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Catherine as she appears to Steve
From the official Kadokawa Games Catherine novel authorized by Atlus


Catherine as she appears to Steve

From the official Kadokawa Games Catherine novel authorized by Atlus

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me right now

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